Alexandra Arkhangelskaya

Russian Academy of Sciences

She obtained her PhD in International Relations in the Institute for African Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). She also has a degree in Law and International Relations and is currently a researcher at the Institute for African Studies at RAS, Member of the RAS-Young Researchers Council, and Member of the Scientific Council of the National Committee for Research of BRICS.

Chris O'Sullivan

Mental Health Foundation

is Senior Project Manager at the Mental Health Foundation. Graduated in 2001 with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen, he has specialised in policy support, campaigns and knowledge transfer at a local, national and international level. Chris is a keen photographer and writer, combining these interests with a daily photo blog, which he has kept for two years.

Helena Sandberg

Lund University

is Associated Professor at Lund University Sweden and fellow of the Swedish Young Academy. She holds a PhD in Media and Communication Studies (2004). Her research concerns media and health, children, advertising and internet. In 2010 she started the CAI@LU research group, which studies children’s visual interaction with and understanding of online advertising. Her research is funded by the Crafoord foundation and the Swedish Research Council.

Mirjam Leunissen

FOM Institute AMOLF

She obtained her PhD in Physics from Utrecht University in 2007. As postdoctoral fellow, she performed experiments and numerical simulations on DNA-functionalized microparticles, at New York University, the University of Cambridge and FOM Institute AMOLF (The Netherlands). In 2011, she started the ‘Supramolecular Interactions’ research group at AMOLF, which studies interactions and self-organization processes in soft matter and bio-inspired systems.

Heike Mutter

University of Fine Arts of Hamburg

Heike Mutter is professor of Graphic Art, Typography, and Photography at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg as well as an independent artist, filmmaker, and photographer. She studied at the HfG Karlsruhe and at the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne. Her work is shaped by a discourse on the circumstances of the art system. Current projects (with Ulrich Genth) include the creation of extensive and to some degree interactive installations in public spaces, museums and galleries.

Johanna Manke

photo editor for GEOlino

She has worked as a freelancing photographer for GEO, GEO Wissen, Emotion, Greenpeace Magazine and Neon. Trained at the University College Galway and Hamburg University, she holds degrees in Biology, Visual Communication, and Communication Design from the University of Fine Arts and the University of Applied Science, Hamburg and has been awarded several awards and scholarships for her work. 2009 she published the book “Geheime Orte”.

Sibylle Baumbach

University of Mainz

is Junior Professor of English Literature and Culture at the University of Mainz. Her research areas include British drama, esp. Shakespeare, intermediality, literary and cultural theory, and the aesthetics and history of fascination. She is a member of the German Young Academy.

Kirill Dmitriev

University of St Andrews

is Lecturer in Arabic at the University of St Andrews and member of the German Young Academy.
His research focuses on early and classical Arabic language and literature, and he is Principal Investigator in the ERC funded project "Language–Philology–Culture. Arab Cultural Semantics in Transition".